all about me

Born in 2001

My name is Jade Lubisch, 


Hi there I’m Jade Wolf 

No that’s still not right. 

Hello my name is Jade Santoro

Last try Hey there my name is Jade Gardiner, yes that is a girl’s name and yes my garden looks fantastic.

I‘m Named after a jade stone fish necklace to a vegetarian mother, needless to say my work was always going to be a bit left field.

I have an absolute fascination with branding and design. You van tell who my close friends are when they start sending me pictures of logos with the caption “I know you’d love this font”. I did in fact love that font. 

I see myself as a flawed gemstone.

Yet just as jade is mended with gold, I refine my flaws into eighteen-carat creativity. Imperfections are merely the gaps through which I guide the golden thread.

The perfect word can be found in a page of quick scribbles, the perfect photo in a grainy shot.

I believe nothing beautiful ever starts perfectly.