The Gilded Copywriter

Hey, I’m Jade Gardiner a flawed gemstone. Yet just as jade is mended with gold, I refine my flaws into eighteen-carat creativity. Imperfections are merely the gaps through which I guide the golden thread. The perfect word can be found in a page of scribbles, the perfect photo in a grainy shot. I believe nothing beautiful starts perfectly.




A creative conscious video campaign that tackles how we handle anger. Without the right coping mechanisms people can go their whole lives without knowing how to cope with their own anger. The aim of this video is to bring awareness to taking control of your anger and its impact on the people you care about.

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This article showcases the secret to New Year’s resolution success – starting early. It emphasises reflection, planning, accountability, and taking immediate action. This aligns with the Wellness Warehouse Early Resolution campaign, promoting proactive wellness efforts before the new year.

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This is a radio campaign in which Burger King is showcasing its unique offering of vegan nuggets compared to other fast food brands. Using that comparison and humour compare things that are hard to find to finding vegan nuggets.

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hi there! I’m Jade

A writer, storyteller, photographer and most importantly a mistake maker.